We want to thank you for helping us identify individuals who served our country and who are either currently residing in or who have previously resided in Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, North Salt Lake or Centerville so they can be honored in the Bountiful Veterans Park.

You may submit the names of individuals, including your own, who have served or who are currently serving in any branch of the military including the National Guard and the Reserves, you may also submit the names of individuals who served in the Merchant Marines.

Finally, please remember that the Bountiful Veterans Park is a private initiative that is being built with private funding and on land provided by the City of Bountiful, therefore, your generous donations are appreciated but are not required. If you choose to donate, you can do so by clicking the blue "DONATE" button at the top of this page. Thank You.

Please follow these steps to submit a name:

  1. Search below by first or last name to check for an existing entry.
  2. If veterans name is found, no further action is required.
  3. If veterans name is not found, click the orange "SUBMIT A NAME" button.